A Sony Deal That Won't Last Long

I'm not sure this will last long: The original Sony A7 camera body, new in box, is now selling for US$798 as a stocking stuff. That's a full-frame mirrorless camera that kicked off the internet frenzy over whether mirrorless was truly here now. Great 24mp Sony sensor, but the camera does show a lot of the issues you'd find with a first generation. See my A7 review.

Still, that's an unbelievable price for competent full frame. 

Skip the terrible kit zoom—which tacks on an extra US$200—and get something simple, like the Sony 50mm f/1.8. You're still under US$1000, and it's a good way to sample what Sony's up to. The big drawback is that you won't get Sony's current state-of-the-art focusing capabilities. But the A7 is still decent and more than you need for more static subjects. 

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