Nikkor Z 12-28mm f/3.5-5.6 PZ VR DX Lens Specifications

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Thom's Commentary: Nikon’s first very wide angle for the DX cameras is a powered zoom, and fairly obviously targeted at vloggers, despite Nikon’s appending “and great for stills!” to the press release. Some still users won’t find 12mm (18mm equivalent) wide enough. Zooming can be controlled remotely via the ML-L7 remote or MC-N10 grip, and, for a powered zoom, the actual zooming is relatively smooth and controllable. Set focal length is displayed on the Z30 monitor. The compact nature of the lens fits the current Nikon DX body designs well, though. As usual with the entry DX lenses, no lens hood is provided with the lens (it’s optional). Recommended Read Thom's review of the 12-28mm f/3.5-5.6 PZ VR DX lens

  • Coverage: crop sensor (DX)
  • Build: dust and drip resistant, collapses for travel, plastic bayonet
  • Optic design:
    • 12 elements in 11 groups
    • 1 aspherical, 1 ED elements
  • Field of view: 53-99° diagonal
  • Stabilization: VR (4.5 stops CIPA)
  • Aperture:
    • f/3.5 to f/16 (at 12mm)
    • 7-blade rounded diaphragm
  • Focus: 
    • autofocus, internal focus
    • 8" (0.19m) minimum focus
    • 1:4.8 maximum magnification ratio
  • Filters: 67mm filter size
  • Lens hood: optional HB-112
  • Size and weight:
    • 2.5” (63.5mm) long (unextended)
    • 2.8” (72mm) diameter
    • 7.2 ounces (205g)
  • Model number: 20118
  • Price: US$360
  • Other: Shutter Type must be set to Auto or Electronic
  • Announced: April 18, 2023

Thom's Review of the 12-28mm f/3.5-5.6 PZ VR DX lens

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