New Olympus Deals

The buying season has started early this year, likely because the camera companies have stuffed the channels believing that sales will uptick upwards for 2017 (probably true, but the question is how much financial incentive will they have to use to achieve sell through in the channel?). 

The E-M1 Mark II finally has a real rebate on it of US$200, making its effective price US$1799. While pricey, it's a very technology-filled camera that—if you can get past the menu system—handles well. Likewise, the Pen-F drops to just under US$1000 with a US$200 rebate.

The E-PL8 (what I call the E-P Late) is now US$449 after a US$100 rebate, but frankly I think that's no longer the way to go if you're going m4/3. If you're looking for small and inexpensive, consider an older E-M10 model.

One would expect an E-M5 Mark III to be the next new body from Olympus, and this is producing probably the best value in the rebate lineup: US$799 after US$300 rebate for the Mark II model. 

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