Photokina 2012 Mirrorless Camera News

This page and its subpages are now "live." I will be adding to the sub-pages from September 12th through 23rd as I get time and as I learn new things. Because of the way RRS subscriptions work, you won't get notifications of changes via RSS. The only way to see what's new is to browse the sub-pages below (each has a "last update time" near the top, and new items should get added to the top of a page). 

If you're a "need to know right now" freak, then you'll have to keep perusing these pages for changes (new information will always be at the top, but that doesn't mean that something further down wasn't amended or changed). If you're the patient type, just come back on September 24th and read all the pages ;~).

About the organization: there are plenty of news organizations feeding you press release rewrites out of Photokina. If that's all you want, I suggest you visit them. I've tried to come up with a unique and different approach that tries to put the show and all the new (or missing!) products in some sort of perspective. I reserve the right to change my mind during the show, by the way. It is possible that I thought something initially a disappointment, but upon meeting with the product designers (or heaven forbid, the marketing folk), I learned something that changed my mind. 

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Here are my individual articles from Photokina:

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