FTZ Adapter Compatibility

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The FTZ adapter allows use of Nikon F mount lenses on Z cameras. As I outlined in an earlier article at the launch, there a number of things that need to be supported in a perfect adapter:

  • Autofocus by in-lens motor (e.g. AF-S)
  • Autofocus by camera screwdrive motor (many older D lenses)
  • Focus confirmation with in-viewfinder rangefinder
  • VR support
  • Manual focus
  • Exposure modes (P A S M)
  • Metering

The following is the compatibility chart you need to be aware of:

  • AF-I, AF-S, AF-P lenses: fully compatible (but AF-I lenses can't be used with focus shift feature).
  • G and D type lenses with screwdrive autofocus: do not autofocus, otherwise fully compatible.
  • Other earlier AF lenses: no focus features, but will mount and meter.
  • PC-E lenses: no autofocus features as they're manual focus lenses, otherwise fully compatible (85mm f/2.8D version can only be used in Manual exposure mode).
  • AI-P lenses: no autofocus features as they're manual focus lenses, otherwise fully compatible.
  • AI lenses (including original E series): manual focus, meters in Aperture and Manual exposure modes (requires Non-CPU data entered correctly in the camera menus).

Any lens with an aperture ring must be set to minimum aperture. 

Nikon's usual list of specific lenses that are incompatible—which has remained the same for over a decade—continues to be the same. Things like the TC-16A and old AU-I focus lenses, for instance, as well as some specific serial numbers for some older lenses. But none of these lenses would work on a modern Nikon DSLR, either, so I don't think it important to list them here.

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