Other Z-Mount Adapters

Several third-party companies make adapters for various lens mounts to the Z mount. These tend to work the same as AI lenses do on the Nikon FTZ adapter (manual focus, meters in Aperture and Manual exposure modes [requires Non-CPU data entered correctly in the camera menus]):

  • 7Artisans — Leica M 
  • Fotodiox — Arri PL (PL-NIKZ-PRO), Canon FD (FD-NIKZ-PRO), Canon EF (EOS-NIKZ-PRO), Contax (CY-NIKZ-PRO), Hasselblad V (HBV-NIKZ-PRO), Leica M (LM-NIKZ-PRO), Leica M42 (M42-NIKZ-PRO), Leica R (LR-NIKZ-PRO), Minolta MD/MC (MD-NIKZ-PRO), Olympus OM (OM-NIKZ-PRO), Pentax K (PKA-NIKZ-PRO), Pentax 645 (P645-NIKZ-PRO), Sony A (SNYA-NIKZ-PRO)
  • Fringer — Canon EF (EF-NZ)
  • Kipon — Canon FD (FD-NZ), Canon EF (EF-NZ), Contax (CY-NZ), Exacta (EX-NZ), Icarex 35S (I35-NZ), Leica M (L/M-NZ), Leica M macro (L/M-NZ M), Leica R (L/R-NZ), 39mm screw (L39-NZ), Mamiya 645 (MAMIYA645-NZ), Minolta MD (MD-NZ), Nikon F (NF-NZ), Olympus OM (OM-NZ), Pentax K (PK-NZ), Rollei (QBM-NZ) plus Baveyes focal/reducer (0.7x) adapters for Pentax 645, Pentax 67, Mamiya 645, Hasselblad V lenses
  • MTF — PL (MTPLNIKZ), Panavision, B4, Arri Bayonet
  • Novoflex — Canon FD (NIKZ/CAN), Contax (NIKZ/CONT), Leica M (NIKZ/LEM), Leica R (NIKZ/LER), Minolta MD/MC (NIKZ/MIN-MD), Minolta/Sony Alpha (NIKZ/MIN-AF), M42 (NIKZ/CO), Novoflex A-mount (NIKZA), Olympus OM (NIKZ/OM), Pentax K (NIKZ/PENT), T2 (NIKZ/T2), 39mm screw (NIKZLEI)
  • Rayqual — Leica M (LM-NZ), Nikon S/Contax C (SC-NZ)
  • Shoten — Leica M (LM-NZ), M42 (M42-NZ), Nikon F (NF-NZ), Canon EF (CEF-NZ), Canon FD (CFD-NZ), Minolta MD/MC (MSR-NZ), Contax (CY-NZ), and Leica R (LR-NZ), Sony E (TZE)
  • Techart — Canon EF AF (TZC-01), Sony FE AF (TZE)
  • Voigtlander — Leica M (VM-Z and VM-Z Close Focus), and Sony E (E-Z; manual focus, no electronics).
  • Wooden Camera — PL mount adapter.

In addition to adapters, there's also extension tubes, used for macro photography:

  • Fotodiox — NKZ30 (35mm extension tube for Z lenses on Z mount)

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