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Nikon today announced the 14-30mm f/4 S lens, to be available in Spring for US$1300. The big news here is that this is a rather small, light lens that allows 82mm filters up front. Nikon claims it is the first full frame 14mm lens to allow filters.

In addition, Nikon announced a new Filmmaker's Kit, this time with the Z6, the 24-70mm f/4 lens, an FTZ adapter, an Atomos Ninja V external recorder, a Rode VideoMic Pro+, a MOZA Air 2 gimbal, a 12-month Vimeo Pro subscription, and a few other extras at US$4000. This is the first time I'd say that Nikon actually has a reasonable thoughtful filmmaker's kit, though it is revealing that Nikon didn't include their own microphone but went with a better Rode selection.

In related news, Atomos and Nikon announced that they've come up with a way to record ProRes Raw from the Z6 and Z7 on the Atomos Ninja V external recorder. Nikon also said that CFexpress card support is coming soon, and that they're developing an Eye AF mode for the Z6 and Z7, as well.

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