Some Sansmirror Additions, Cleanup

Every year at this time I try to take a pass at cleaning up missing information, updating the things that search engines look for, and sometimes adding something I think is useful. 

In the addition category we have this:


Many of you still seem to not be aware that every menu or menu item on this site is active and leads to a page of information. That means if you tap/click on Cameras—as opposed to using the interactive Cameras menu—you’ll be taken to a master page of data for cameras, which now includes the above chart. Each of the manufacturer pages now has its own subset of that chart. For instance, here’s the chart that you’ll find on the Cameras/Camera Database/Nikon 1 Cameras page:

bythom nikon mirrorless

The reason why I called out these particular charts is this: you can see the overall sense that a lot happened in mirrorless cameras in 2012-2014. After that, activity at most firms tapered off, and in the case of Nikon tapered off to nothing announced in over a year. 

Many mirrorless companies were on an update-a-year practice, but you’ll see that settled down and many cameras seem to be on a more normal update-every-two-years schedule now.

Some of you may not be aware I’ve added Hasselblad and Sigma to the camera databases. I’ve also split the lens database into sections for lenses from camera makers versus third-party lens makers, as we’re getting quite a bit of new additions in both lately.

As far as I know, all the camera firmware listings should be up to date, and I’ve taken a crack at updating a few articles along the way, too. The object of this site is to both keep the historical as well as the present “sense” of mirrorless. So if you notice anything missing or incorrect, by all means let me know and I’ll try to add/fix those things in the next big pass on the site.

Believe it or not, there are now well over a thousand pages of information contained in this site. Keeping it organized and accurate as well as useful is my number one goal. I appreciate those of you who’ve elected to help support this site either by using one of the advertising links for exclusive site advertiser B&H or the Support this Site button that leads to Amazon affiliate links that appears in the right column (or below the main text if you’re reading on a small screen device).

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