Fujifilm Updates the X-A Model to 3

bythom fujifilm x-a3 back

We’re now on the third iteration of Fujifilm’s low-end mirrorless camera, the just announced X-A3. Like it’s A predecessors, the X-A3 is not an X-Trans camera, but a traditional Bayer sensor. One designed along compact camera style lines (e.g. no EVF). 

Most specs remain the same from the previous model with the exception of a new 24mp sensor instead of 16mp, the addition of a touchscreen, and some modest tweaks to the contrast detect focus system, along with the new Film Simulation modes Fujifilm added recently (Pro Neg.Hi, Pro Neg.Std, and Classic Chrome). 

Price for the new camera is US$599 with the 16-50mm f/3.5-5.6 kit lens, and you have your choice of colors of brown, pink, or silver. 

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