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As you probably can tell, I’ve updated the site design for In doing so, I’ve done some simplification (the gallery and quickly-falling-out-of-date accessories pages are gone), plus I’ve made a quick pass through the site to update a few odds and ends that weren’t quite right even in the previous iteration. The new site is optimized for 1024-pixel wide displays (but read on). 

I’ll eventually be adding a new header image to the site, and I may tweak the type specs a bit, as well. I’ve also got a lot of work to do on some of the images and ad links. But at this point, sansmirror should function decently well on smartphones and tablets, certainly better than before. The site is now responsive to browser/device size, and should degrade gracefully as you view it on smaller devices. The worst case should be that some of the B&H links at the bottom of camera or lens data pages scroll off the right side of the frame on very small displays. They’ll still work, you just won’t see the right edge of the image or ad. When I get a chance, I’ll resize all those links to work with the responsive frame size. 

And remember, everything in the menus is clickable, even section headers. They’ll always take you to a page that gives you useful information and access to everything underneath it. Go ahead, try it. Click on Cameras in the menu system instead of one of the sub-menus. You’ll get a page of interesting information plus links to everything in the sub-menus.

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