Olympus Lens Sale

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It’s heading into that time of year, and the Japanese camera companies are hungry to push a lot of product out the door. Olympus has announced their November lens deals, and basically it’s US$50 or US$100 off a wide range of excellent product. These instant rebate discounts work out to be from 7% to 25%, with most being near 10%, so there are real savings to be had here if you’ve been waiting for a particular lens.

In response, I’ve updated my m4/3 lens wishlist at B&H. Be sure to check out the notes section for each lens. B&H doesn’t allow me more than a tweet’s worth of characters there, but I’ve tried to describe why these lenses made the list. 

Two Olympus lenses not yet on that list that you might think should be are the 8mm f/1.8 fisheye and the 7-14mm f/2.8 wide angle zoom. That’s mostly because I haven’t shot much with them yet. As always, when I recommend products it’s because I’ve spent time with them in real shooting situations, and can vouch for what they can do.

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