Samsung Updates NX1 Firmware


Samsung issued firmware version 1.2 for the recent NX1 camera, and the list of changes are quite substantial:

  • Video: can adjust audio and ISO levels while recording, 23.98 and 24 frame rates are choosable, additional Pro quality mode in 1080P, additional display options while recording including safe area markers, time code support over HDMI, new C and D gamma curves added as well as a Master Black level and Luminance limiting level, speed control over autofocus, and new tools for frame grabs from the video.
  • UI: several button pairs can be swapped (WiFi/REC, AF-On/AEL), command dial directions can be reversed, autofocus lock for video as well as AF/MF toggling, ISO and exposure control can now be done via command dial directly, additional buttons are customizable, new Trap Shot feature, and the Auto ISO items have all been grouped in the menu system.
  • Other: remote release via Bluetooth, thumbnail transfer to smartphones while shooting, multiple device support enabled, ability to update over WiFi, new Remote Studio software for tethered shooting.

Samsung firmware update site

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