Samsung Announces NX500 Camera

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bythom 88

Samsung took most of the internals—sensor, processor, etc.—from their flagship NX-1 camera and stuck it in their rangefinder style body and created the NX500. You lose the DSLR-style body, the EVF, and a few of the external controls, but essentially you have the NX-1 performance, including 4K video, in a manageably small soap-bar type body. As the above shot demonstrates, the NX500 is even capable of cashing in on the selfie craze. 

A 28mp APS sensor (BSI) in such a compact body basically pushes us yet further into the smaller unit, more pixels rush that the camera makers seem to be engaging in at the moment. The phase detect autofocus system and the 4K video capabilities (using H.265 compression) are also leading-edge specifications. And unlike some cameras, Samsung has opted for 802.11ac for the WiFi, basically giving us top speeds there, too. All in all, a lot of power packed into a small package, which, with the 16-50mm kit lens depicted here, runs all of US$799. The body is available in brown, black, or white.

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