What Should a Nikon V4 Be Like?


With the J5 now out and about, it’s really easy to say what a Nikon V4 should be like:

  • Use the J5 sensor and body style
  • Add an EVF
  • Add the additional V3 controls (e.g. front dial, additional Fn buttons)
  • Make it a proper CLS flash camera
  • Microphone input
  • Add lenses! (fast 24mm and 35mm equivalent primes, faster zooms [even f/4 ones])
  • Don’t add cruft

Yeah, a short list. I suppose we could ask for a larger battery, 30 fps 4K video, clean HDMI video output, or a few other things, but just the above priced properly would be more than enough for me. 

FWIW, there are multiple signs that Nikon will revise the 70-300mm CX lens to a somewhat smaller size. First, there’s a patent. But more interestingly, that TR-N100 tripod mount I was waiting for so long? Nikon appears to have made a batch, then withdrawn it from the market ;~). Why updating that lens would be more important than issuing missing lenses or updating the 30-110mm, I don’t know. 

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