Zeiss Loxia Lenses for Sony FE Mount


Zeiss introduced two new lenses for the Sony FE Mount cameras, the Loxia 35mm f/2 and the 50mm f/2. These lightweight manual focus lenses are designed for the Sony A7 series cameras (and likely future video cameras using the FE mount), and feature all-metal construction and a large focus ring. Both lenses feature a focus ring that rotates 180° from near to far, and both automatically activate magnification in the EVF when the focus ring is turned. The 35mm is a Biogon design while the 50mm is a simple Planar design. For video use, you can “declick” the aperture ring for continuous aperture adjustment.

While I understand that Zeiss continues to design what they know best (manual focus primes, especially in the traditional 35mm and 50mm focal lengths), the problem for Sony A7 users is that these new lenses really don’t solve the lens scarcity issues for the FE-mount. Yes, we have more choices now, but we’re getting choices at the same focal lengths, not additional focal lengths. For the A7 series to really take off, we need plenty of new options, especially at the wide angle end. So, while welcome, the Zeiss Loxia lenses aren’t solving my problem with the A7 series, especially since the original Sony primes are excellent performers at lower prices.  

The 35mm is US$1299 and the 50mm is US$949. 35mm data page. 50mm data page.

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