Tamron Finally Releases 14-150mm for m4/3


After a year-and-a-half gestation, the 14-150mm f/3.5-5.8 superzoom for the m4/3 mount finally has a price (US$589) and a ship date (June 26th, 2014). Apparently one of the key points in getting this lens to market was whether it would have VC (vibration control) in the lens or not. The answer turns out to be “not.” 

I suspect that’s partly because of the way Panasonic has gone with their camera releases. The lens is too big for the GM1, and not pro level enough for the GH4, and the Olympus cameras already have image stabilization at the sensor so don’t need VC. Other features originally announced in January of 2013 are intact. 

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