Fujifilm Firmware Updates


Fujifilm released firmware updates for the X-Pro 1 (3.30), X-T1 (1.10), X-E1 (2.30), X-E2 (2.10), X-M1 (1.20) and X-A1 (1.20) cameras. All of the updates include support for the upcoming 18-135mm f/3.5-5.6 lens, while many also include some minor changes to display of apertures in particular cases. The X-T1 also gets changes to the exposure compensation indicator, the Movie-record button, and Interval Timer Shooting now doesn’t allow you to set a value to 5 seconds or less when they can’t be recorded. The X-A1 and X-M1 both get support for compatibility with the Fujifilm instax Share SP-1 printer and improvements to sound quality when recording a video.

Fujifilm Firmware site

Update: Fujifilm customer support says that all updates include all intermediary updates. However, I’ve received reports of a few users having trouble where they haven’t done intermediary updates. If you have a problem with the updates, contact Fujifilm customer service. 

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