Samsung Quietly Pre-announces the 10mm Fisheye

I haven't quite figured out Samsung's methodology for announcing things. It seems random and arbitrary. Today they put an official announcement on their Web site of the 10mm f/3.5 fisheye lens, one that was on their lens roadmap for this year but otherwise unspecified. 

Well, it's well specified now, with all the details and sample images on their Web site, though no price or ship date (just a "ships second half of 2013). The lens is small. Real small. It sticks out of the camera a bit less than an inch. This has to make it the smallest 180° diagonal fisheye we've seen. Readers of my other sites will know I've long had a fascination with this type of lens. It rose to fame with Nikon's 35mm film version (16mm f/2.8) in the mountain biking and extreme sports photography market. Since then, we've seen many other companies make similar lenses. It's a very useful lens to have in your bag, especially when it's as small as the Samsung version is, though you don't use it a lot. 

Here's one of my images taken with such a lens, defished in Photoshop:

Hawaii2002-11-14 0053

So sign me up, Samsung. I'll make room for it in my bag. 

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