Nikon Silently Updates FT-1 Firmware

No press release I can see, but Nikon this past week updated the FT1 software to version L1.10 so that continuous autofocus is now supported for AF-S lenses mounted on the FT1 adapter. This is something we Nikon 1 users have been asking for, and it seems that for once, Nikon has delivered.

All is not perfect in the kingdom, though:

  • You must make sure that your Nikon 1 camera has the current firmware in it first before attempting to update the FT1. If you don't do this, you may brick your FT1 (brick is a slang term used to indicate an electronic device has become a paperweight with no functions).
  • Third party lenses seem even less compatible than before. Note that Nikon says "AF-S lenses" in their update notice. Only Nikon makes AF-S lenses. Nikon has never tested third party lenses with their cameras or accessories, and leaves it to those third parties to ensure compatibility. With the original FT1 firmware, many Sigma lenses didn't work as expected. With the new software, I'm hearing about far more failures of third-party lenses. My recommendation would be that if your third-party lens is working with the current FT1 software that you avoid updating and talk with your lens maker to see if they're checking compatibility. 

Nikon's update site

Along with the FT1 update, Nikon also updated the V1 firmware to 1.3, V2 to 1.1, J1 to 1.3, J2 to 1.1, J3 to 1.1, S1 to 1.1, and the GPS firmware to 1.02. The camera firmware updates all add FT1 continuous focus support, 32mm f/1.2 support, and some additional small changes and bug fixes. 

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