Fujifilm X-Pro1 Firmware Update Withdrawn


Well, you can't say that Fujifilm's PR engine isn't getting a July workout, as they've managed yet another press release. Unfortunately, this one tells everyone that the X-Pro1 3.0 firmware released earlier this week is faulty, causes issues in video recording, and that those that have already upgraded should contact a Fujifilm repair center. There may be other issues with the upgrade, as well, as I've heard a few additional reported problems, though those haven't been verified by Fujifilm. 

Ugh. Let's see, first Fujifilm pre-announced the upgrade, then they announced it, then they withdrew it. Quite a July workout for the marketing team. At least we know that the press release system works. 

I'm not a fan of the way the "upgrades" are being done these days. The "always forward" method actually tends to penalize early adapters when there is no user method to retrograde back to an earlier version should there be an issue, as is the case on most cameras. In the mirrorless camera arena, we've already seen multiple "withdrawn" firmware updates. That in itself is a little disturbing. It indicates one of four possible problems: poor coding, rushed coding, poor QA, or rushed QA. (I distinguish between "poor" and "rushed" because in the former there's inherent problems in the infrastructure itself, while in the latter is the tendency to skip steps in the structure or ignore what it is telling you.) 

So what do you do if you have already updated? What Fujifilm says: contact a repair center and see what they say to do. Meanwhile, if you've downloaded the update and haven't installed it, don't install it! Fujifilm says they'll have a replacement update shortly. 

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