Zeiss Goes NEX

Zeiss continues repurposing their high-end manual focus lens lineup, this time introducing Sony E-mount versions of the 25mm t/2.1 CP.2 and 70-200mm t/2.9 CZ.2 lenses, fully configured for video use (geared focus rings, for example). 

The CP.2 and CZ.2 designations stand for compact prime and compact zoom, though these lenses are not exactly compact for NEX use, as they cover the full 35mm film frame. The t/stop designation is there for cinematography and videography, where you need to know the actual transmission (t/stop) of a lens, not the theoretical light transmission (f/stop). Zeiss actually has nine lenses that they've been reconfiguring for different mounts and video use; these two are the first to have been converted to the NEX E-mount. These are exceptionally high quality lenses, and don't come cheap. Expect a price above US$3000 for the 25mm t/2.1 and perhaps as much as US$20,000 for the zoom. 

This is almost certainly a lens launch intended for the high-end NEX-based video cameras Sony has been creating (FS100, FS700, and an upcoming larger sensor video camera to be announced next month). So the question I have for site visitors is should I be compiling this sort of offering (video based on mirrorless) into the database sections of the site? At the moment, I've left Zeiss off the database. Technically, you can use these lenses on the NEX still cameras, though they're not really intended for that. I go back and forth on whether I should include them in the database here or not, so let me know what you think.  

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