Fujifilm US$300 Promotion

Amazon is listing a new Fujifilm X-Pro1 promotion: buy an X-Pro1 body and a lens at the same time and get US$300 off. I generally haven't been posting sales promotion offers (Nikon has ones running virtually every month, for example, including deep discounts on the J1 and V1 at the moment). But I decided I should probably point out the Fujifilm promotion because not everyone will see it. 

Another sub-topic to this story: if you're using Amazon to buy something, pay close attention to a couple of things: (1) Look for any notes underneath the price. In the case of the X-Pro1, you'd currently see a "Special Offers Available" link, which takes you to the US$300 off camera+lens deal information. It often pays to follow these links, because sometimes there are short term offers that come and go. (2) Pay careful attention to the "Ships from and sold by…" line. If this isn't "Ships from and sold by Amazon.com" then you're buying from someone who's using Amazon's Marketplace program. Different shipping costs and allowable returns may apply. 

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