Olympus Has a New Home

As of today, Olympus cameras will have a new home, literally, as HQ is moving. As is often the case with spin-outs in Japan, it's a little complicated:

  1. Olympus Corporation is transferring all of its Imaging business, including things like the audio recorders, to a new wholly-owned subsidiary called OM Digital Solutions Corporation.
  2. On January 2, 2021, 95% of that subsidiary will be transferred to OJ Holdings, a new company created by JIP, the company to which Olympus previously signed a letter of agreement with.

OM Digital Solutions will be headquartered in Hachioji, Tokyo. Sales, marketing, R&D, and product design departments will be located there. Manufacturing will be done in Vietnam. Lenses currently made made in Nagano, Japan will be transferred to Vietnam.  It appears that the OM and Zuiko trademarks will carry over to the new company, as well.

If you own an Olympus camera or lens, service and support will be performed by the new company.

Overall, JIP expects this new company's sales to be about two-thirds that of what they were at Olympus, which would seem to indicate that most products will remain in the lineup. On the other hand, to make a profit at that lower number is going to mean that OM Digital Solutions is going to need to be leaner and more efficient than Olympus Imaging was. 

I'm sure we're going to hear much more in coming months. But at least for the time being Olympus Imaging will be continuing as before, just under a new name.

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