Nikon Z Discounts Extended

NikonUSA had fall discounts that were supposedly available only for a few days last week, but now they've decided to extend them through November 27th. 

In the interest of helping you keep track, here are the current Z offers (all links are to this site's exclusive advertiser, B&H):

  • Z50 Dual Lens Kit — US$150 savings. Seems odd that a product that hasn't shipped yet would have a discount like this, but there it is. Nikon's giving you strong encouragement to buy both lenses if you're going to get a Z50. I think you shouldn't overlook this discount (my money is where my pen is, by the way). 
  • Z6 Body only, Z6+24-70mm f/4, Z6 Filmmaker's Kit —all net you US$300 savings. The Z6 continues to be the least expensive of the 24mp Sony sensor bodies at the moment. It's a strong performer, and as I noted yesterday, probably as much camera as most people need. The FTZ is still part of the US$1700 "body kit" that B&H sells. 
  • Z7 Body only, Z7+24-70mm f/4 — both net you US$700 savings. That puts the Z7 with the FTZ down to US$2700, an excellent discount for an excellent camera.
  • 35mm f/1.8 S — US$150 savings. This may seem like a high price for a 35mm optic, but it's arguably the best 35mm lens Nikon has made. I'm not a big fan of the focal length, but many consider this to be an essential focal length.
  • 50mm f/1.8 S — US$100 savings. Again, this may seem like a high price for a 50mm "normal" lens, but this lens is anything but normal. The results I get from it are up there in Zeiss Otus country: really, really good. If you're only going to buy one of the f/1.8 S lenses based upon optical performance, so far it should be this one, or perhaps the 85mm f/1.8 S.
  • 14-30mm f/4 S — US$200 savings. The discount puts this lens at about the correct price, in my opinion. It's good but not great. The problem here is that I've seen a fair amount of sample variability; some 14-30mm's seem to have some element off-centering. That said, one built as it should be (e.g. centered) performs quite well, and if you need really wide angle, it's your only dedicated autofocus choice at the moment.
  • 24-70mm f/2.8 S — US$300 savings. I've not found a better mid-range zoom than this on any platform. This lens just shines, even wide open. The question I keep getting is "should I get the f/2.8 instead of the f/4?" That's actually not easy to answer, as the f/4 is compact and light and quite a good performer in its own right. Most people will be well served by it. But if you're venturing into low light and need that f/2.8 and don't mind the extra weight and bulk, you're going to be very happy with the 24-70mm f/2.8 S. That said, it's not the lens I'd pick for travel; the f/4 is what most people should be using for that.

I've reviewed all these products except for the not-yet-released Z50, so check out Cameras/Mirrorless Camera Reviews/Nikon Z Reviews for the bodies, and Lenses/Lens Reviews/Lenses for Nikon Z. If you need to know more about the Z50, check out my Reader Questions page for that camera.

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