New Nikon Z Pricing (thru June)

Update: Starting May 20 NikonUSA added a free FTZ adapter to the following savings (effectively lowering the prices I note below by US$150 more).

NikonUSA today announced instant savings on the Z series cameras:

  • US$200 off the Z6 in any form (body only, filmmaker's kit, body+kit lens)
  • US$600 off the Z7 in any form (body only, body+kit lens)

The FTZ adapter is no longer included free, but there's a US$100 saving on it when purchased with a body. 

The camera makers really want to confuse you with options and pricing these days, as confusion makes it easier for them to sell you (an ironic twist to how our brains work). Let me give an example:

The Z6 body has been bundled with the FTZ Adapter recently, meaning that you get US$2250 worth of gear for US$2000. With the new savings, that same combo is now US$1950. 

So, while the US$200 discount looks like something bigger, in reality for most Nikon DSLR users opting into the Z system, it isn't, it's a US$50 discount from where we've been.

On the other hand, the Z7 is now running a significant discount compared to before: a Z7 body and FTZ adapter were US$3400, and now they're US$2950. 

Z6 + FTZ US$2150 US$2000 US$1950 US$1800
Z7 + FTZ
US$3550 US$3450 US$2950 US$2800

So, play close attention to the pricing games that are being played (and will be played by everyone soon). Making the jump from one form of discounting to another masks the real pricing that's going on.

Some advice if you're considering the move to the Z system:

  • Get the body with the 24-70mm f/4 lens kit. That lens is excellent, and there's no way you can replicate the implied pricing that it has in the bundle after the fact. 
  • If you're buying from B&H, note that they tend to have two or three options for any Z option you want (say, body only). Those options include free accessories, some of which you may value.
  • If you have any Nikkor lenses other than screw mount autofocus lenses—even old manual focus ones—you're almost certainly going to want the FTZ adapter. Also look closely at the lens road map for the Z system. If the lens you really want isn't in that list, you're going to end up dipping into the F-mount to get it, and for that you need the FTZ adapter. Something tells me that the FTZ adapter isn't always going to be "on sale."

This sale runs through May and June.

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