The Nikon 1 Discontinuance Continues

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Nikon's labyrinthian Web presence hasn't fully caught up with itself. On the Web site, which is primarily the Japanese subsidiary's online presence to home country users, the Nikon 1 cameras, lenses, and accessories have now been removed from the current product list to the "old" (discontinued) list. 

On the Web site (and most of the subsidiary sites) the Nikon 1 products still appear. On the NikonUSA Web site, the Nikon 1 products still appear but if you try to order them from Nikon's store, they all indicate they're out of inventory. 

Sadly, we're at the end of the Nikon 1 life cycle, which I predicted well over a year ago. Indeed, I got into arguments with loyal Nikon 1 users over my contention at that time. The facts, though, are inarguable. Nothing new has been announced in that lineup since April 2015, so we've had more than three years in this death cycle spin down. At the original pace of development, we should have seen a new camera in early 2017, or new lenses in 2016. Instead we saw a slow wind down where Nikon just went silent and kept selling the inventory they had.

The plant in China that makes Nikon 1 products began closing last year. I don't believe any new inventory was really produced in 2017. Nikon simply kept their prices stable and let the product eventually sell out throughout most of the world. Here in the US, I know of no one with any significant new Nikon 1 inventory, though you may be able to find a random dealer or two that still has something on the shelf.

As I've done with Samsung, I'll leave the Nikon 1 information in the data pages on this site for reference. When Nikon returns to mirrorless with a different system, I'll open up a new section for that. 

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