Complete Site Update

Once a year I like to go through a complete page-by-page refresh of each site, checking for various issues, inconsistencies, needed corrections, and improvements that can be made. That takes a bit of time, as this site has grown to about 1500 pages. has now gone through that annual physical. Here are the changes you might notice:

  • Cleaned up the style sheet and fixed page margin and other CSS issues. 
  • Moved menus to top of display, and simplified them; added home page to menus.
  • Fixed site search.
  • Updated the privacy policies.
  • Updated a few articles (e.g. the 3 travel camera kit article).
  • Cleaned up article formatting throughout. Reviews should be more stylistically the same, for example. Breadcrumb links (just under page title) should appear more consistently throughout.
  • Removed ratings from old camera reviews and added information about whether camera is current at end of review. Added year to any "recommended" comments.
  • Reorganized Articles section so it isn't a long scrolling list of articles.
  • Updated the Camera FAQ.
  • All camera data pages now have link to lens section for that camera.
  • Updated the Lens FAQ.
  • Updated and checked the Other Mirrorless Sites of Interest links.
  • Updated B&H and affiliate links; added links for products that have become available at B&H
  • Removed the "pre-order" language
  • Fixed Page Last Updated dates
  • Added missing Samyang, Sigma lenses to database
  • Fixed incorrect B&H ad links
  • All pages now have the correct date on the bottom for the last time they were modified.
  • Changed a lot of image sizing so as to produce fewer re-size artifacts when you change window size (or device).
  • The photo gallery is back (photos taken with mirrorless cameras)
  • Began using m1 for Mark I, m2 for Mark II, etc.
  • Transitioned to https. (Update your bookmarks to

Note: This site is designed to be compatible with the following browsers:

  • Desktop: Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer 9+
  • Mobile: iOS 6+, Android, Windows

You might notice that the Recommended dates for lenses sometimes end (e.g. Recommended (2012, 2013, 2014, 2015)). The usual reason that happens is either than higher pixel count sensors started to reveal weaknesses more easily, or better lenses came along. Likewise, for camera bodies (typically because the sensor evolution). I'll try to make sure each year and go back and re-evaluate those dates. The first year in any recommendation will be the year I first used/reviewed the product.

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