New Fujifilm Entry Cameras, Lens

The rollouts leading up to the big Japan trade show at CP+ starting March 1st have begun. 

bythom fujifilm x-a5

First out of the gate is Fujifilm with the Bayer sensor X-A5 and X-A20, plus a new very compact 15-45mm f/3.5-5.6 lens. The X-A5 is a set of tweaks and changes to the X-A3, the X-A20 ditto compared to the X-A10. If you want full details on these cameras, see the data pages (links in the previous sentence). Neither camera has an EVF, so they both kind of fit into the large-sensor compact camera realm, only with interchangeable lenses.  At only US$599 with the new lens, the X-A5 is a handsome and interesting entry camera choice that has to be considered against the Canon EOS M6 and likely whatever Nikon is cooking up for this Spring.

The lens, to me, is the most interesting aspect. It remains to be seen how good it renders, but the specs are right. It's basically a wide 24 to short 70mm variable aperture lens, but in a package size more befitting a small APS-C prime. You can't quite call it pancake, but it's about as pancake as we've seen any mid-range zoom to date.

Fujifilm will have an additional product launch in February prior to the CP+ show.

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