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You've asked me to post when there are strong deals going on mirrorless products, so here's one such post.

Sony has a number of deals now going on with their mirrorless products, all expiring November 3rd [disclosure: these are affiliate links via B&H and many include additional items such as storage kits or cases]:

The highlight discount there is the A7R Mark II. While we all expect this camera to be replaced with a Mark III model in 2018, you still have to say this is an excellent all-around mirrorless camera with excellent performance, and at this new price, a bit of a bargain. I definitely can recommend that camera at that price. See my review.

In the APS-C offerings, things aren't quite as exciting, as these are all modest deals on cameras that are a bit long-in-the-tooth (there's no deal on the A6500, the current top of the APS-C line for Sony). The two lens A6000 kit is probably the stand-out in terms of value in this list, as that camera may not have the gee-whiz focus performance of the higher models, but it still is a really highly competent APS-C camera, and that two lens kit takes you from 24mm to 330mm equivalent. All for a price equivalent to some 24mp DSLRs, but in a package that's far smaller.

Still, the A7R Mark II deal is the best one in the bunch.

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