Olympus Camera Care Tour

Somehow I didn’t catch it when Olympus first announced this, probably because I was traveling that day, but Olympus has a nationwide camera care tour going on here in the US. Here are the remaining dates:

  • April 27 & 28 — Dodd Camera, OH (Cincinnati/Austin Landing)
  • May 7 — Mike’s Camera, CO (Boulder)
  • May 14 — Nelson Photo, CA (San Diego)
  • May 21 — Hunt’s Photo, MA (Melrose)
  • June 10 & 11 — Cardinal Camera, PA (Lansdale)
  • June 18 — Milford Photo, CT (Milford)
  • October 20-22 — Photoplus, NY (Jacob Javits Ctr in NY)
  • December 2 & 3 — Keeble & Shuchat, CA (Palo Alto)
  • December 9 & 10 — Kenmore Camera, WA (Kenmore)

Interestingly, I’ve been to at least five of those stores, and they’re all good. You need to pre-register, but if you do you’ll get an exterior cleaning, any needed firmware upgrade, plus checks of the focus, sensor, optics, image stabilizer, and basic function of your Olympus body.  I suspect the PhotoPlus Expo station in October will be popular, so if you’re interested in that you ought to register soon.

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