Panasonic GF8 Has Beauty Mode

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Panasonic today introduced a new camera specifically for the Southeast Asian market, the GF8. As I noted previously on the site, regionalization of cameras is something that’s clearly occurring in sales preferences, and more and more we’re seeing camera companies catering to that. 

So what’s the regional component of the GF8? As far as I can tell, the GF8 is a GF7 that adds a new “soft skin” mode as well as a special “beauty retouch” feature for images already shot. In addition, the 180° flip of the LCD now allows some new hands-free selfie triggering options. That’s about it. All the other camera specs are exactly the same as the GF7. 

So, if you’re into taking photos of yourself but don’t like how you look, the GF8 is the camera for you. 

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