Olympus Introduces, Suspends EM-10 Mark II

(news & commentary)

bythom em10markii

The expected second version of the EM-10 has shown up, with minimal specification changes to this small m4/3 camera. The three-axis stabilization has been upped to five, the EVF gets a 2.36m dot upgrade, flash sync speed was upped to 1/250 second, focus bracketing has been added, while video gets 1080P/60 and some additional options. Some of the controls have been tweaked to better match the current OM-D standards, too. Overall, a modest update to a nice, small camera. 

Unfortunately, not long after announcing the camera and shipping it in some regions, Olympus temporarily withdrew it from the market to investigate issues with the lens mount not retaining some lenses properly. It’s expected that US shipments will likely happen in October at this point.

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