Big Fujifilm Firmware Update

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Fujifilm today produced a 4.0 firmware update for the X-T1 mirrorless camera that has quite a few improvements to it, and makes the camera a more responsive one, especially with focus on moving subjects. Specifically:

  • Zone and Wide tracking modes were added to the continuous autofocus system
  • Autofocus accuracy was improved
  • Eye detect autofocus has been added to Face detection, with the ability to recognize the closer eye, as well
  • Autofocus during video recording has been improved in a number of ways
  • You no longer have to enter into macro mode manually to get close focus with lenses that support it
  • Exposure compensation control is allowed in Manual exposure mode
  • The grid lines in the viewfinder have been scaled down to be more subtle and less intrusive
  • Silent mode is now named Sound & Flash Off
  • Shutter speed can now be set from 30 seconds to 1/32,000 via the front command dial
  • Shutter speed can be set to electronic or mechanical
  • Spot metering can now follow the focus area
  • You can lock or selected settings
  • Shutter speed and aperture can be adjusted while recording video
  • 50, 25, and 24 fps options were added to the video settings
  • The Quick menu can be edited
  • Classic Chrome has been added to the film simulations
  • Multiple white balance adjustments can be made
  • You can change the hue of the display
  • A Connection Setting option was added to the Setup menu
  • A USB mode was added to the Setup menu

As others have reported, this big firmware update basically makes the XT-1 a better camera. Indeed, the camera's personality for autofocus is far better than before: it seems to track subjects with more accuracy as well as more speed. Most of the time for moving subjects you’re going to want to stick to mechanical shutter only and turn off face detection (which enables the contrast detect system and adds a bit of delay). Interestingly, the camera now beeps to confirm focus before it can actually update the EVF status to green for focus. 

Fujifilm Firmware Update Site

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