Samsung Updates NX1 Firmware


Samsung made a second large set of improvements to the NX1 firmware with the release of version 1.3. Most of the changes were to autofocus and video.

Autofocus performance was improved in low light, backlight, and spot light conditions, as well as in the corners with the 16-50mm lens. Face detect autofocus and video autofocus performance were also improved. A Zone Autofocus mode was added, and AF Area Size now has five steps.

In HD video, more data is read from the sensor, improving quality. Time Code gets a Rec Run option. The microphone now has an Auto On/Off capability. Histogram and other real-time information is now displayed during recording. 4K still captures from the video have been improved, and now include proper EXIF information. Time-lapse recording now can have up to 3000 individual shots.

Bulb mode now has no time limit. New Remote Studio software and a new SDK for it have been introduced, and the camera now supports a Tizen TV connection. 

There’s more, including a number of minor bug fixes and other handling improvements.

As I post this, the update doesn’t yet appear on the US Samsung support page, but should shortly.

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