Fujifilm Introduces the X-T10 Camera

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Fujifilm today introduced a smaller and lower-cost version of it’s X-T1 camera, the new X-T10. Still styled to look like the old Fujica bodies, the new X-T1 is a bit more like the old ST-701 with a blunted pentaprism. Instead of an ISO dial ala the X-T1, the X-T10 gets a Drive Mode dial (curiously, the same as the other camera introduced today, the Panasonic G7). The X-T10 is a somewhat smaller camera than the X-T1, and has a few concessions because of that, including dropping the weather-sealing and a less pronounced hand grip. 

Instead of the X-T1’s external flash, the X-T10 gets a modest pop-up flash with a GN of 16 feet (5m) at ISO 100. Flash Sync Speed is still 1/180. The X-T10 doesn’t have a PC Sync socket, while the X-T1 does.

The EVF is mostly the same as the X-T1 in terms of ability, though the eyepoint has been reduced to 17.5mm and the magnification reduced, as well. Likewise, the rear LCD was downsized to 920k dots, as well. 

What’s new? The autofocus system has been improved (and the X-T1 gets a firmware update to bring it up to speed). As usual we get tweaks to the rendering engine, too, most notably in the noise handling. Video has been reworked a bit, with 36Mbps encoding of 1080P at frame rates from 24 to 60 fps. Manual exposure can be set during video recording.

One small bit: I notice that Fujifilm has finally removed the words “eliminate moire” and replaced them with “reduces moire.

Overall, the X-T10 puts into question whether Fujifilm will continue with the X-E models. I’m not sure what the distinction would be between a possible X-E3 and the X-T10, as the X-T10 is getting down to X-E size and weight. Maybe they have something up their sleeve there, but I’d bet that the X-T10 is going to sell better than the X-E2, and by a considerable margin.

Along with the X-T10, Fujifilm also announced the 90mm f/2 lens.

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