Sony A5100 Announced, or the NEX-5X


The NEX-5 was a seminal camera for Sony. It was the camera that really gave them traction in the mirrorless market. So it isn’t surprising that we’ve now gotten the sixth iteration of the camera, now called the A5100.

On the outside, we didn’t move much from the A5000. On the inside, however, we get a lot of changes.  In particular:

  • 24mp sensor instead of 20mp
  • The A6000’s excellent 179-point phase detect focus system
  • A touch-enabled LCD
  • Maximum frame rate of 6 fps (up from 4 fps)
  • XAVC S codec for video and clean HDMI video output
  • Internal flash instead of external

In essence, the A5100 is the A6000 in the A5000 body (e.g. no built-in EVF, and the A5100 has no option for one). The US$700 price point (with 16-50mm f/3.5-5.6 kit lens) is a step up from the A5000, though, so the changes did not come for no cost.

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