Fujifilm Rebates


Here in the US, Fujifilm has introduced rebates (applied as instant savings) on most of their older model X cameras:

  • US$200 — X-Pro1 body through end of March
  • US$200 — X-M1 body or kit through end of March
  • US$100 — X-A1 kit through end of March

In addition, the following price adjustments were made:

  • US$600 — X-E1 body
  • US$800 — X-E1 kit

Starting next week, the following lens rebates will begin:

  • US$250 — 27mm, 60mm
  • US$200 — 14mm, 18mm, 55-200mm
  • US$150 — 23mm, 35mm

Finally, there are rumors that there will be a couple of other small adjustments to prices or rebates later in March. 

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