Iridient Mimics Fujifilm Styles

Iridient Developer, a popular Macintosh-only raw converter, has been experimenting with trying to create look-alike styles that emulate the Fujifilm JPEG settings, including the monochrome ones. As a reminder, those would be Standard/Provia, Vivid/Velvia, Soft/Astia, ProNegStd, ProNegHi, Monochrome (including +G, +Y, +R and Sepia). 

This weekend they posted their second pass at a set of styles that mimic the camera settings. These styles were developed without Fujifilm’s help, so are not fully accurate. 

I did a quick straight conversion through the Iridient demo version with a few of the styles (from left to right: Standard, Soft, Vivid, ProNegHi, Mono, Mono+R; right click and select View Image to see it larger with most browsers):

INT EC GAL April-2014 XT1 36657convert.jpg

Even at full size on my calibrated screen I’m not seeing as much difference in these styles as I do in the camera JPEGs. Still, it’s a start in developing a facsimile to what the camera is doing, and under doing the shifts is a better choice than over doing them.   

Personally, I’m not a big fan of the Fujifilm color styles beyond Standard. They have a tendency to hue shift or worse, blow out channels or put things in that are difficult to post process. On the other hand, Fujfilm’s monochrome styles are pretty useful in the field, and Iridient Developer seems to get fairly close to what the camera is doing for those.

If you’d like to try these styles, you can find them posted in the May 22nd entry on the Iridient home page

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