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Last week I caught up with my reviews of all the Fujifilm mirrorless products—I've now reviewed both bodies and all five Fujinon lenses—now comes a sales promotion on them that is worth mentioning outside of my usual B&H deals pages.

For the month of June, both the X-E1 body and X-Pro1 body have dropped US$200 in price. The X-E1 is a very good value at US$799 now. But the kicker is that the Fujinon lenses, when bought with a body or kit, are now getting additional US$200 to US$300 discounts (the discounts stack; the B&H cart is smart enough to do this when you add additional lenses). As I noted in my reviews, these lenses are all good, and some are exceptional.  These new deals make for building a highly competent mirrorless system at a reasonable price.

For example, one combo I like: the X-E1 body with the 14mm and 18-55mm lenses is now a total of just US$1898 (previously US$2298), plus there's a 2% rebate on future purchases in place at B&H and other dealers are sweetening the pot with other small options. 

Generally I don't do news/views stories on "deals." But I suspect I'll have to do a few in the coming months, because supply exceeds demand right now plus the yen is in decline, so we're starting to see some sell off. All the Fujifilm gear is made (and mostly sourced) in Japan, so the 30% decline in the yen value to the dollar gives them some pricing flexibility here in the US. I suspect this is just the first of many deals we'll see over the summer as the camera makers try to break the US and European markets of their DSLR habits. 

If you want to check out these new deals directly, see my B&H Fujifilm deal page. (Note that I added an RSS feed to the B&H deals page, so while there you can click to subscribe to these deals.) Update: B&H has changed to a 4% rebate and now has a single page for the Fujifilm stacked discounts.

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