Olympus Discounts

Since I mentioned Nikon 1 pricing in another post, I should probably point out that the US$100 instate rebate on the Olympus OM-D E-M5 is still in effect (until January 19th). 

But there's another rebate in progress, as well: if you buy an E-M5 with additional lenses at the same time (on the same invoice), there's a mail-in rebate of US$150 a lens (up to three lenses) active through January 27th. You get a Visa pre-paid credit card with the rebate amount when the rebate validity is verified by Olympus.

Both these offers are US only. I wish I could keep track of all the worldwide offers, but it's almost impossible just to keep track of what is current in the US; maybe I need a full-time price check assistant ;~).

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