EOS M2 — The Japan-Only Game?

(news & commentary)


Canon Japan today announced the long-rumored update to the EOS M, the EOS M2. Changes include a slight downsizing and weight loss, greatly improved focus speed, on-board WiFi, and a few other minor tweaks (such as digital zoom for video). Basically, Canon addressed the primary weakness of the camera (focus performance) and made it more social (though some of the sharing aspects have to go through Canon Gateway). 

However, the announcement was made only in Japan, and at least one Canon subsidiary (Europe) has already disclosed that they will not be selling the product, and it's likely that this applies to the US, as well. That's one reason why the announcement was buried in December: maybe no one will notice, especially since EOS M's are still being liquidated by many of the online retailers at the moment here in the US.

So Canon is keeping their toes in the mirrorless water in the market that has most embraced it (Japan), basically. None of the changes are heavy duty, with really only the focus speed improvement and WiFi addition being of any particular interest. 

It appears I was right about Canon's withdrawal from the US market with mirrorless (we didn't get the 11-22mm lens, now we don't get the M2). That's a shame, really, as the EOS M is certainly an interesting option for those already invested in Canon lenses, and in terms of image quality, it was quite competitive. 

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