Another Lens Vendor Appears



HandeVision today announced their first lens offering, a 40mm f/0.85 lens for the Sony E-mount (not FE), Fujifilm X, m4/3, and EOS M mounts. The lens is said to be the fastest available, and is a long normal to moderate telephoto on these systems. It's not a small or light lens, though, at 5" long and weighing 42 ounces (1.2kg). The lens will be available in February for US$2080.

The HandeVision name represents a collaboration between German-based IB/E Optics Eckerl doing the designs and Shanghai Transvision doing the production. Additional lenses currently being readied include a wide angle lens for the Sony A7/A7r cameras (FE-mount) and a high-speed telephoto mirror lens. The company also claims to be working on tilt-shift and pancake lenses.  

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