Mirrorless Problems Continue

(news & commentary)

Canon seems to have withdrawn the EOS M from the US market (and won't bring the new EOS M lens to the US). Less than 11,000 mirrorless cameras got shipped to the US in June. Panasonic isn't bringing both color versions of the upcoming GX7 to the US. Now we have some financial results statements that are giving us additional information:

  • Nikon — "In Europe and the US the ratio of mirrorless to SLRs hasn't grown at all, unlike in Asia." Result? Nikon reduces their interchangeable lens camera sales estimates ("Nikon 1 represents the majority of sales volume reduction…")
  • Olympus — Mirrorless shipments of PEN cameras fell 12% in their first quarter, below their expectations. (Despite that, they still claim they'll make break-even for the year, though they have yet to say how other than closing more plants and facilities and simply not making many compact cameras, if any.)

It clearly appears that mirrorless may be turning into a regional phenomena, not a global one, and that we may be entering an era where some products are only available on a regional basis. 

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