Nikon's Comments on Mirrorless

Nikon has posted an official Q&A to their year-end financial results meeting, and it has one statement in it that is of interest to this site's readers. Specifically, they were asked a question about the outlook for the mirrorless camera market (they use the term Non-reflex). The answer (slightly edited by me to create a slightly more accurate English translation) was "we aim to expand our market share, focusing on overseas markets in which Non-reflex [mirrorless] cameras are eventually expected to surpass DSLR sales."

Further interpreted, that appears to mean Japan, Hong Kong, and other markets in SE Asia.

Additionally, Nikon said that they would continue to use advertising to try to establish the Nikon brand in the mirrorless market. (I understand that beginning next month there will be larger instant rebates on the Nikon 1 cameras here in the US, which may relate to this.)

Not exactly big news, but rather a further indication of Nikon's commitment to playing in the mirrorless camera market.   

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