This is Only a Test

Keen observers will note that I've added a small GoogleAds area to the bottom of the right-hand column. I'm doing this to test several new aspects of GoogleAds to see if I find some new abilities acceptable (in the past I rejected using GoogleAds because it essentially was blacklist-only in terms of ad management). I've put the ads in the least obtrusive position on the site during this test. It's likely that I'll try a couple of different variants of sizes during the test, but for testing purposes I'll try to keep that as unobtrusive as possible.

Note that this does mean that additional tracking information is now being used on this site, something I'm always hesitant about. However, because Pennsylvania's recent decision to ignore a Supreme Court ruling impacted my affiliate link income, I need to find new sources of revenue to continue to fund this site and expand it.   

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