It's a Long Fall From List Price to US$29

The US seems to be a dumping ground for m4/3. I'm sensing a modus operandi now: new m4/3 bodies and lenses seem to be prioritized for shipment to Japan and SE Asian after announcement. The US, not so much (Olympus is somewhat more US-friendly than Panasonic). 

Then a new version of a camera gets introduced, replacing the old one, and guess what? We see lots of the old camera here in the US, and at bargain basement prices. 

The latest camera following this pattern is the Panasonic GF3. Amazon is currently listing it with a 14mm lens at US$329, as is B&H and others. Of course, if you wanted a 14mm lens you'd pay…wait for it…US$300. Hmm. A camera for US$29, that's new. And it's in stock. That too is relatively new (for us Americans, at least). 

True, Panasonic released the GF5, so the GF3 is a generation old. Still, it was a pretty darned good little camera just a wee while ago, and it didn't get worse by sitting on some warehouse shelf for a bit. For US$29 it's a bargain.

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