Just to Be Clear

Sans mirror is brand agnostic.

Normally I wouldn't bother to write an article about this, but I think it's important early in this site's history to make clear my intentions and also make clear that I don't really care which brand camera is "best"--I've got no horse in the race. 

In the first few weeks of the site, it seems that every time I write something positive about one brand I get accused all over the Internet of being a fan of that system, and every time I write something negative about another brand I get accused of having a built in bias against that system. Let's clear the air here: I'm not going to pull any punches, ever. When I think something is good (e.g. Nikon 1 autofocus), I'll say so. When I think something's terrible (e.g. Nikon 1 mode dial and user interface), I'll say so.

Notice what I did there? I used the same brand for both the positive and negative comment example. If you read through this site without your own internal bias putting blinders on you, you're going to find that I've written positive and negative things about every brand. Expect more of that.   

Yes, I have a bias. That bias is that cameras should perform well and should be easy to make perform well. Simple as that. I'm also a bit of a perfectionist. While I can manage to get good images with virtually any camera, there isn't a camera yet on the market that really fully anticipates my needs and wants and allows me to get to great images without any friction. 

Indeed, I use Apple as an example of a great product provider a lot because there are Apple products I use regularly that do anticipate my needs and wants and allow me to work without much friction at all. In fact, since moving my mom from Windows to Mac, my tech support load has dropped to near zero, so those Apple products are doing that for my mother, too. 

I write boldly and provocatively. My opinions will always be clear. And they're just that, my opinions. But they're based upon a great deal of actual use of the products I write about (I shot with five different mirrorless cameras for over 80 hours over the past two weeks, for example, and none of that was test charts--which I'm working on this week). My opinions are also based on over 20 years of analyzing the camera industry (at one time I headed a group that designed digital cameras and software, and I've consulted for three camera companies in that period). 

So I repeat, sans mirror is brand agnostic. I don't particularly care which brand wins, if any. Those that know me well know that for my professional work I've been shooting with three different brand cameras for the past three years, using the one that's best for the job at hand.

Sans mirror is brand agnostic. Get used to it.  

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