It's m4/3 Month at Sansmirror

I'm trying to get this site caught up with all this year's activity in mirrorless, and this month I'm working hard at trying to fill in all the m4/3 gaps on sansmirror. Before people get excited and think I'm going to write dozens of general m4/3 articles in m4/3 Month like I did DX articles in DX month on my other site, let me temper your expectations a bit. Here are my goals for m4/3 month:

  • Get the m4/3 camera and lens databases fully accurate and filled out, including product images. 
  • Finish missing reviews of key m4/3 cameras (e.g. OM-D, E-PM2, GF5).
  • Finish missing reviews of m4/3 lenses (here the list is reasonably extensive, and this will probably be the most visible thrust this month). 

Today I'm posting my Olympus 12-50mm f/3.5-6.3 review, and have gone through the Panasonic lens database checking for accuracy and filling in any missing pieces of information I saw. Expect more reviews and database extensions and checks during the remainder of this month. 

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