X-Pro1 Photographer's Guidebook


Fujifilm today posted a new app for the iPad: X-Pro1 Guide EN. This guidebook is intended "to help users enjoy photography even more with tips on how to use each of the various functions." I assume they mean "each of the various camera and Silkypix functions ;~). The description in the App Store seems a bit Japlish to me, as it says things like "will also provide" when it should say "provides."  The 417MB app is free of charge.

Update: after reading the full guide, I have some comments. First, the gallery of photos up front aren't all that inspiring, and many have technical issues in them. While I rarely critique other photographer's work, in this particular case I wonder if the supplied gallery actually does justice to what the camera can do. Much of the descriptive material is more marketing oriented than useful, but once you get deeper into the Guidebook there is indeed helpful information. While not all the buttons in the main text labeled "TIPS" are actually tips, it is worth checking them all (though this means you'll be poking the screen a lot). Every now and then you'll find one with some nuance you might have missed or didn't fully comprehend. I found two such things in my reading of the Guidebook, and I thought I knew the camera pretty well at this point. The section on using the supplied Silkypix raw converter is rather sparse, but it does provide a simple entry point if you've never used that software before. Overall, if you've got an X-Pro1 and an iPad, it's worth downloading and spending some time with. If you're considering an X-Pro1 and have an iPad, it's also worth looking at, though I'd suggest skipping over the gallery. 

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