I Always Wanted a Shelf Full of Lens Stands

So I'm opening up the box for my Samsung 20mm lens that just arrived. Pouch, cool. Lens nicely wrapped, cool. Oh, there seems to be some more plastic at the bottom of the box, maybe that's a lens hood for a change. Nope. It's a stand to display the lens. A little Samsung labeled stand to put on your shelf to display your lens when you're not using it. 

Excuse me? If you're going to give a photographer another chunk of plastic with a lens, it had better be a lens hood first and foremost, not something that's going to make my shelf space look like a dealer's. And what's the pouch for if I'm not to store the lens in it? Just for traveling? The pouch, by the way, won't fit under the stand, which means that if I actually use the stand the way Samsung intends, the pouch is highly likely to get separated from the lens real quick. 

Who thinks these things up?

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